Dream of waking up with fluttery lashes every morning? It’s less of a fantasy than you might think. If you’re ready, put down the eyelash curler and step away from the mascara. We’re going to tell you all about a long-term way you can get gorgeous lashes without adding an extra step to your morning routine.

Hybrid lash extensions are a lash tech’s secret weapon for giving you full and voluminous lashes. Whether you want something dramatic or natural, any skilled lash tech can create a custom look that matches your eye shape, your natural lashes, and your desired outcome. 

In this guide, we’ll go over everything about hybrid lash extensions and why they’re the best choice for customized lashes.

What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lash extensions are a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Your lash tech will apply individual lash extensions to some lashes (the “classic” method) and apply fans of two or more lashes to others (the “volume” method). Some salons also call these “mixed set” lashes. We’ll go over both of these methods in the next section.

Lashes are typically applied either 70 percent volume and 30 percent classic or equally split between both. Combining these methods gives your lash tech more control over your look and lash texture. They’re great if you want a mix of volume and length throughout your lash line. 

What’s the difference between hybrid, classic, and volume lashes?

Classic lashes are applied by applying an individual lash extension to each lash. You can transition from classic to hybrid lashes if you’re looking for a little more volume. This method is best for natural looks that focus on adding length. Classic lashes take the least amount of time to apply and are normally more affordable than volume and hybrid.

Volume lashes are applied by adding two or more lash extensions to each lash. They’re lighter than classic lashes to account for the additional extensions added to a single lash. Volume lashes are best if you want fuller lashes or a dramatic look. Volume lashes are usually the most expensive and take the most amount of time compared to classic and hybrid lashes.

All of these lashes last about the same amount of time. Longevity for any type of eyelash extension is dictated by your care routine and your lashes’ natural life cycle.

close up of person applying extensions

What are the benefits of hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lashes give you full control over the volume added to your lashes. For example, your lash tech can focus on adding more volume to certain areas of your lash line instead of the full line. This helps fill in any sparse areas without going too dramatic.

Opting for hybrid lashes also gives you an opportunity to test out more volume on your lashes. This can save you some time and money instead of diving straight into volume lashes.

How long does a hybrid lash application take?

Hybrid lash applications can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours, depending on the look you want. Your Pro’s skill level and technique also dictates how long you’ll need to wait before they finish applying your new lashes.

After your initial appointment, you’ll go in for shorter fill appointments to upkeep your lashes. These can take about an hour, depending on how well you’ve cared for your lashes and how long it’s been since your last fill. The more work that’s needed, the longer your appointment. Your lash tech can advise you on how often to come in. 

How long do hybrid lashes last?

These lashes can last up to eight weeks if you take care of them. However, your fluttery lashes won’t last forever. Your lash extensions will shed since your lashes naturally fall out over time. 

Although you can’t prevent the eventual shedding, you can take some steps to prolong your hybrid lash extensions. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Fight the urge to scratch or rub your eyes. This can cause some lashes to prematurely fall out.
  • Make your fill appointments to replace extensions that have fallen out and clean up your lash line.
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara and oil-based skin and makeup products around your eyes. These products weaken the lash adhesive.
  • Refrain from getting your lashes wet for the first 48 hours. Exposure to moisture within this time period can also weaken the adhesive.
  • Regularly clean your lashes to keep them free of sweat, debris, and other things that could weaken the adhesive. Ask your lash tech for tips on safely cleaning your lashes.
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How much are hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions can range from $100 to $200, while fills can cost between $50 and $90. Cost varies based on your lash tech’s experience, application time, the salon’s location, and the amount of lashes needed for your look.

Do hybrid lashes work with different eye shapes?

Hybrid lashes can work on different eye shapes as long as you chat with your lash tech about your goals and ideal look. They can suggest a lash length or curl that works best with your eye shape. 

Before you book your lash tech, ask if they’ve ever worked with clients with your eye shape. You can also bring in examples of your dream lash look on people with similar eye shapes. 

Are hybrid lash extensions safe?

It’s safe to get hybrid lash extensions as long as you work with an experienced lash tech. Lash extensions should not harm your natural lashes as long as they’re properly applied. Do your research on the salon and the Pro to see how they’ve worked with other clients.

You should also do a patch test prior to your appointment to ensure you’re not allergic to the adhesive. For the test, your lash tech will either apply the glue behind your ear or on the outer corners of your eyes. Some may add a few lash extensions at the corner of your eye for a patch test. You’ll wait for 24 to 48 hours to see if you have any adverse reactions. 

When you’re ready to remove your eyelash extensions, you should go to your lash tech. They’ll use professional-grade lash glue remover to remove your extensions. The worst thing you can do is to try to pull or wash your lash extensions off at home. You’ll end up damaging your natural lashes in the process.

There are ways to speed up the process, like using oil-based makeup and skin care products. However, full removal is best left to the Pros.

person applying lash extensions at the salon

Hybrid lash extensions are a gorgeous way to level up your lashes. Booking an appointment with an experienced lash tech is the key to making your lash dreams a reality. If you’re ready to see if hybrid lashes are right for you, look through our directory of stylists to find a lash tech Pro near you.