Between blading, waxing, plucking, and applying — the work of an esthetician is both extensive and important. Your clients rely on you to get them feeling that glow from the inside out.

If you’re looking to improve your business, get more clients, and retain your current ones, there are certain skincare tips and tricks you can start to implement today on your path to success. 

From consultation forms to upselling, here are our top tricks for how to be a good esthetician!

1. Have a Consultation Form

Female counselor writing down some information about her patient

One of our top esthetician tips is to fine-tune that consultation form. It’s important to know more about your client than just their full name, age, and address. You want to get in there and truly know the ins and outs of their skincare routine and their experience with treatments. 

To improve your esthetician business, consider kicking your consultation form up a notch by having your client fill out the following information: 

Skin Type

There are plenty of skin types out there, each with its own set of characteristics (and its own set of problematic areas). Knowing your clients’ skin types will help you nail down the best way to care for them.

Typically, there are five types of skin. Some clients may fall into one category, while others may experience characteristics of multiple categories. 

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Normal Skin
  • Combination Skin (Oily + Dry)

Skin Goals

Skin goals are different for everyone. Some clients might be interested in minimizing the appearance of fine lines around their eyes, while others might have a goal of a bright, dewy complexion brought on by exfoliation.

Knowing your clients’ goals is one of our most important skincare tips for estheticians, as it will help you create their personal treatment plan. Doing so will ensure they return to you for repeat business. 

Skin Challenges

Does your client suffer from clogged pores? Acne? Dry, scaly skin? Skin maintenance is what draws some clients to a licensed esthetician — for others, it’s their skin challenges. Knowing your clients’ various frustrations and challenges with regards to their skin will help you find the best method for improving them.

Previous Treatments

Whether your client is new to skincare or a seasoned pro who has plenty of experience with waxing, day spa services, and the whole nine yards — you’ll want to ask about their previous treatments. 

Though this list is not a comprehensive one, here are some previous treatments you may want to inquire about:

  • Waxing
  • Facial Treatments
  • Sugaring
  • Thermal
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peel

Medical History

Does your new client have a history of allergies to topical creams or a previous skin cancer diagnosis? Have they ever suffered from eczema? Part of how to be a good esthetician has to do with diving into the details of your client’s medical history, right down to that peanut allergy they suffered from in grade school or that bee sting that caused their face to swell. 

Current Products 

A professional esthetician works to become familiar with his or her clients’ current skincare routine along with what skin care products they’re using. With this information, you’ll be more readily able to figure out exactly what your client needs and responds to and fine-tune their skin care plan moving forward. 

Ask your clients which skin care products they are currently using of the following and request, if possible, the specific brand and frequency (i.e. sunscreen — 35 SPF by Alba, daily):

  • Face Wash
  • Toner
  • Bar Soap
  • Serums
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer 
  • Eye Products

2. Keep a Sanitary Environment 

When you’re working in the beauty industry, it’s critical to keep a sanitary environment. Both your work area and your tools should be clean and in tip-top shape for your clients. 

We know work and life can get busy, so a good way to stay on track with your cleanliness is to keep a sanitation checklist. Here are some suggestions for what to include on your handy sanitation checklist:

  • Disinfect any equipment you’ve used, turn the equipment off, and make sure it’s unplugged. 
  • Thoroughly wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant, including countertops, containers, sinks, and floors.
  • Put dirty towels and sheets in the laundry immediately after they’re finished.
  • Always use unused, clean products, towels, and sheets for each new client. 

In addition to your sanitation checklist, here are some other esthetician tips on keeping a clean salon:

  • Use disposable tools and accessories when needed.
  • Come up with a flexible rebooking policy for sick clients (this ensures you don’t get clients who are ill still coming to their appointments). 
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water and ask your clients to do the same. 

3. Make Online Booking Accessible 

Part of how to be a good esthetician is running a successful esthetician program with accessible online booking. Online booking comes with a wide range of benefits and will help you keep your reservations — and your treatment room — full. 

Online booking also allows your clients to book your services at any time of the day, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night. When services are just a click away, rather than a phone call, you’ll find slots fill up faster. Plus, you get paid quicker! Adding a bio to your online booking platform can also be extremely helpful for your clients as they learn more about you and your services. Check out our blog to learn more about our skin care tips, tricks, and esthetician bio examples

With StyleSeat’s free online booking system, your clients can browse through your availability and find a time that works within their schedule. They’ll also be notified if you have any cancellations for say, a popular time slot they have their eye on. 

It’s a beauty win-win!

4. Focus on Client Retention

If you’ve been wondering how to get more clients as an esthetician, you also want to focus on ensuring your existing customers return. Whether you’re a medical esthetician or a celebrity esthetician, client retention in the skincare world is key. Thankfully, on your quest to figure out how to be a good esthetician, there are plenty of creative ways to build customer loyalty. 

  • Be Flexible: Life happens and being flexible with your clients, whether they’re running a little late or need to reschedule, can go a long way.
  • Loyalty Cards: Book nine skincare services, get the 10th service for free. 
  • Craft the Environment: Text message reminders and a cup of tea upon arrival may seem like little things, but really, they’re the big things. Crafting the right environment and client retention go hand-in-hand.

5. Expand Your Knowledge

Like any industry, skincare is an ever-evolving industry. One of the most useful tips for estheticians is to keep educating yourself, so you can expand your knowledge and your services. 

Is there a craze around a new hyaluronic acid product or a buzz about the latest facial serum? How about an exciting new waxing method or laser resurfacing process? The more you know — the more you can share with your current or potential clients. 

6. Learn How to Upsell

If you’re wondering how to make good money as a licensed esthetician, the key is upselling. The process of upselling might not always be covered in esthetician school, but it’s certainly part of how to be a good esthetician. Upselling is important for maximizing income potential and with some practice, it’s an art that can easily be mastered.

Remember, you’re the expert your clients know and trust. Whether you’re a massage therapist or a beauty specialist focusing on lash extensions, your services are what keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

When you’re a professional esthetician, the best way to upsell your products or services is to truly get to know your clients’ skincare needs. What challenges are they facing? How can you help them solve those problems? Perhaps, there’s a cream that will help to tame their dry winter skin or a nontoxic glue that will be ideal for holding those lovely lashes in place. Maybe you know just the type of makeup application to go along with that facial you’ve just given your new client or a haircut that will compliment their beautiful, dewy skin. 

You’re the beauty magician — now work your magic by upselling it

When you work with StyleSeat’s free online booking platform, you can list all your services and let your clients easily pick and click from there. It’s upselling made easy and stress-free.

7. Market Your Specialty 

Within each and every one of our beauty queens and kings out there, you hold something special. The question is, what is your specialty? Typically, in the beauty industry, it’s a brilliant combination of skills and passion. 

Branding your services will pave the way for your profession as a successful esthetician. You might pride yourself on getting rid of clients’ dead skin cells and making way for their glorious glow. On the other hand, you might be more into spa treatments like massages, waxing, body sculpting, golden facials, or laser hair removal. 

Whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing, the key is to find it, fine-tune it, then share it with the world. Marketing your specialty is one of our most important tips for estheticians, as it will help you to retain the right kind of clients and draw in new ones. Check out our  esthetician marketing ideas to assist you in getting the word on your business specialty out there!

Whether you’re offering organic facials or eyebrow clean-ups, we hope this list of esthetician tips keeps you and your clients happy. If you need some help marketing your services and getting yourself out there in a way that’s convenient — and free! — set your business up with StyleSeat today. 

We don’t help you run your business, we help you grow it. Earn more money, get more exposure, and keep your regulars coming back. 


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