From Kylie Jenner’s first foray into electric-hued locks to Kim Kardashian’s sleek platinum boxer braids during Fashion Week events, celebrity hairstylist TokyoStylez‘s work is game changing. From masterful wig creations to perfecting his art of being a celebrity hair stylist, Stylez has made a household name for himself.

TokyoStylez began honing his hair skills at the age of nine while helping to get his little sister ready for school. After discovering his talent for styling, Tokyo worked determinedly to develop his passion into a flourishing career that today includes a national tour of hands-on training classes, his very own product line, a soon-to-open Los Angeles wig boutique, and of course, a mega-famous client list.

We chatted with Tokyo to learn how he navigated the transition from aspiring celebrity stylist to bonafide styling star.

StyleSeat: How do you describe what you do?

TokyoStylez: I create awesome wigs. Whether my client wants to switch colors, styles, or lengths, with wigs nothing is a full commitment. I create illusions of real hair.

StyleSeat: How were you able to achieve your current level of success? Where did you start?

TokyoStylez: I attended events and networked with anyone I could. Online, I reached out on Instagram and would also do the hot styles of the time that I thought would grab people’s attention and post pictures. Wearing my own work also helped. Everybody was like, “Who’s this guy with the amazing hair?”.

StyleSeat: What has been social media’s impact on the growth of your brand?

TokyoStylez: It’s how I connect with everyone I work with. Celebrity clientele all find me on Instagram. Also, my fans will suggest looks for my clients, so sometimes I’ll bring them to my clients’ attention and we’ll create them. It’s a powerful tool.

StyleSeatWhat advice do you have for someone who wants to do what you do?

TokyoStylez: That’s hard to say because what I do is not for everybody. Sometimes clients will call at three o’clock in the morning saying, “I need you on the first flight out tomorrow at 9:00AM and I need three wigs ready.” So you have to be able to handle the pressure and stay focused. People see the glitz and glam but don’t realize that behind the scenes, it can be crazy. It has to be something you really believe in for yourself and have a passion for.

StyleSeatWhat keeps you motivated through those stressful times?

TokyoStylez: Definitely my fans, I never would have believed that I would have this many people excited to see the looks I create. Also, just wanting to be on top of my game. I’m always learning and researching anything that can help me better myself. Education is key.

Follow along with Tokyo’s hair stylist adventures on Instagram for more with his celeb clients and his forthcoming product line including a wig kit with all his wig making essentials for his fellow professionals.

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