What are the 3 C’s?

They are the most important steps you should be following in the salon. Let them guide you in building a successful business.

Anytime you have a client in for a service, whether they are brand new or have been coming to you for years, you must follow these 3 steps:


Set aside the appropriate amount of time to really listen and understand what your client’s expectation is for that visit. Be consistent. Just because you’ve known a client for years doesn’t mean you can assume what they want at that moment. Ask and listen!


Do the close in the middle of your service.

Fact: When clients are nearing the end of their service, their minds have already wandered into what they will be doing next. Catch them in the moment with you. In your close, tell them what they need. In your own way you will want to share these three things:

  • Suggest helpful products to your client. Maybe even tell them something you just starting using and love.
  • Let them know how much it would mean to you if they told friends about you.
  • Let them know how long their haircut will last and when you think they will be due for a touch up.


This will be a direct reminder of the close. In your call-to-action, you are going to guide your client into what you suggested in your close and encourage them to take action.

  • Walk them to the front a present them with 2-3 products you have suggested.
  • Give them a few date options of when you would like to see them for their next visit.
  • Hand them 3 cards to give to friends as you suggested earlier.
  • Stylists who use StyleSeat get their own custom “link” to send to clients – this makes it super easy for clients to promote them on social media.

During every appointment, it is your goal to gain referrals, sell product(s), and rebook appointments.

Think of the 3 C’s as your beginning, middle, and end. With practice, these will become very natural to you.

Check back on the blog next week to read the interviews with 2 stylists and how their businesses changed when they put the 3 c’s into action.


Pepper Pastor | Celebrity Stylist

Check out Pepper’s profile here: styleseat.com/pepperpastor

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