If you’ve been noticing your hair thinning in the front, you may be feeling a little discouraged and unsure of your hairstyle options. The fact is, there are many causes of receding hairlines for men and women of all ages. Hair loss is completely natural, but it’s understandable if you’re concerned about how to style it.

Fortunately, you still have lots of cuts to choose from. We’ve compiled some of the best haircuts for receding hairlines for you here to prove it. Once you’ve picked a style, your local haircutting Pro can work with your hairline to create a confidence-boosting look you’ll love.

1. Buzz cut

man with buzz cut

A buzz cut is a simple yet effective styling approach for a receding hairline. By maintaining a relatively consistent length, you can turn one of the easiest DIY haircuts into a look that leans into your current hairline and also pairs nicely with just about any facial hair style.

2. Brushed-up quiff

man with brushed up quiff

Photo source: Ryan Claudon, a men’s haircut Pro in Austin, TX

This style is also a popular choice for thinning hair because it makes maximum use of the hair you have. Brush the front of your hair upward to amp up the apparent volume of your locks and make them look thicker and fuller.

3. Slicked back

man with slicked back hair

This “slick” look is one of the top hairstyles for receding hairlines or thin hair. With close-cropped sides and long bangs, this hip push-back hairstyle can cover bald spots and can be pulled off with a deeper hairline.

4. Crew cut

man with crew cut

The crew cut has been a go-to for years, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. This short style gets gradually shorter as it approaches the crown, leaving the longest hair in the front and making it an ideal receding hairline haircut. 

5. Taper fade

man with taper fade

This versatile technique can be applied to many different haircuts. With the kind of precise, artistic attention to detail you get by booking with a Pro, you can draw attention to the sides and back of your head for a polished look that shows you take your grooming seriously.

6. Bald fade with locs

bald fade with curly top

Want to keep those hard-earned locs but still like to keep it cropped on the sides? Try a bald fade. This option maintains the length on top while letting you keep the sides and neck tight with a fade that goes right down to the skin.

7. Close cut

man with close cut

Thinning hair or a receding hairline is nothing to be ashamed of — it’s a natural part of the aging process for many men and women. If a longer style isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to wear your hair with confidence with a close cut, and consider sprucing it up with a fade or a taper hairline.

8. Mid fade with spiked hair

man with mid fade and spiky hair

A tasteful spike may be one of the best hairstyles for receding hairlines, particularly for those with naturally straight hair, because it lends a thicker appearance at the front. Try combining it with a high fade for a dynamic look that gets gradually longer toward the top.

9. High fade with beard

man with high fade and beard

Beards pair well with a high fade because they can be artistically blended around the sideburns, creating a unified look. And if barbershop terms like “high fade” or “taper” are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! You can always show your stylist photos or describe what you have in mind, and they should be able to give you the cut you’re looking for.

10. Short hair with low taper

man with short hair and low taper

By bringing a low taper to a shorter cut, you keep the flexibility of styling the top just the way you like while adding another dimension to the sides, back, and neck. A low taper is a subtle but effective way to make a seemingly simple cut more dynamic.

11. Clean shave

man with clean shaved head

For some people, the best haircut for a receding hairline could just be a clean shave. Many men who lean into their hair loss and go “full bald” find that they love the look and simplicity of the style. Once you try it, you may never want to grow it back!

12. Quiff with taper

man with quiff and taper

A quiff is another stylish option that looks great with a taper. This classic cut works with your existing hairline and can help conceal thinning hair or bald patches for a look that’s intentional and timeless.

13. Business cut

man with business cut

You don’t have to wear a suit to look good with a business cut — but it definitely doesn’t hurt! As far as haircuts for a receding hairline go, this one is a deceptively straightforward option that keeps it simple while still looking professional.

14. Widow’s peak with tapered sides

man with widow's peak and tapered sides

A receding hairline could either accentuate or reduce a widow’s peak, but there are still plenty of haircut options that will complement this distinctive feature. Try combining your peak with a taper or low, mid, or high fade.

15. High fade

man with high fade

When in doubt, the classic high fade is always a good choice. This cut stays tight on all sides with the fade starting somewhere around the temples, leaving you free to grow the top out or keep it close, depending on how you like it.

16. Low fade with long top

man with low fade and long top

If you know you like to wear your hair a little shaggy but want to mix it up a bit, try adding a low fade to create a cool long- to medium-length hairstyle. Depending on how long the top is, a lower fade should blend in nicely.

17. Butch cut

man with butch cut

This no-nonsense cut may be one of the best haircuts for receding hairlines because of its simplicity and because it looks great on virtually any head shape and with any hairline. With a totally uniform length and no fade, it can be done at home relatively easily or, for a slightly more polished look, by a seasoned Pro.

18. Slicked-over side part

man with slicked side part

One of the more common hairstyles for men with receding hairlines is the medium-length side part, which can easily be slicked over to conceal thinning hair. This is a versatile option that allows you to work with the areas where your hair grows the thickest.

19. Regulation cut

man with regulation cut

The military-inspired regulation cut keeps some of the simplicity you’d expect from — as the name suggests — strict armed service regulations. It’s a versatile choice that gives you freedom to taper or fade as high and as tight as you like.

20. Long and wavy

man with long and wavy hair

Somewhat ironically, long locks on men can be one of the more effective receding hairline or balding hairstyles. By growing your hair long, you can use a deep part to cover bald spots or draw attention away from thinning areas.

21. Pompadour with mid fade

man with pompadour and mid fade

This classic style was massively popular with rock and rollers around the ’50s and is making a major comeback today. Modernized by a mid fade, the iconic combed-back style can be a great choice for people with higher hairlines.

22. Faux hawk

man with faux hawk

Faux hawks bring just the right combination of edginess and approachability while working well with a receding hairline. The cropped sides accentuate the medium-length hair on top, which is styled up at a uniform length from the front of the head to the back.

23. Top knot

man with top knot

The top knot is always a chic option for people who want to keep their long hair with a receding hairline. Keep those locks but buzz the sides for a bold, hip look that allows you to wear your hair up while enjoying the easy upkeep of a cropped cut.

24. Curly pompadour

man with curly pompadour

If you’ve got curly hair and want to rock a modernized version of an American classic, try the legendary pompadour cut. Wavy or curly hair gives the look a dynamic, textured element, leaving the sides to be tapered and faded to your taste.

25. Bald fade with crew cut

man with bald fade and crew cut

For another variation on the common crew cut, try combining it with a more dramatic fade. A bald fade is exactly what it sounds like — going all the way down to the skin. When paired with a crew cut, a higher fade works especially well.

26. Brushed-up curls

man with brushed up curls

Similar to the curly pompadour, this receding hairline hairstyle helps you maximize your scalp coverage. Just brush those curls up and apply a little mousse or pomade to keep them there, and your hair’s natural texture will do the rest.

27. Wavy and side-swept

man with wavy and side swept hair

Use your wavy locks to your advantage with a side-swept style. This casual yet versatile look is perfect for any occasion and makes great use of medium to long hair, even if it’s thinning in patches or has a receding line.

28. Slicked back with undercut

man with slicked back hair and an undercut

For another mid-century throwback look with a contemporary twist, try this timeless style. Keeping the hair long in the front, shorter toward the crown, and close-cropped on the sides, work with your hairline to slick your hair back using a little pomade.

29. Mid fade

man with mid fade

If you like to keep your options open with short- or medium-length hair but want to bring a little something extra to the sides, try a mid fade. This fade starts around halfway between your ears and your hairline, bringing a balance between the longer hair above it and progressively shorter hair below it.

Remember, thinning hair is totally natural and doesn’t have to prevent you from getting a look you’ll love. These haircuts for receding hairlines are just a few possibilities to give you some inspiration. And if you’re still not sure what would look best with your hairline and hair texture, you can always ask your friendly neighborhood styling Pro for advice.