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I have retired from massage to focus on my new venture building solar powered rainwater collecting automatic greenhouses for busy people with limited space. You can learn more via

I have retired from massage to focus on my new venture building solar powered rainwater collecting automatic greenhouses for busy people with limited space. You can learn more via

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"As a Massage Therapist myself I found the Watsu Session to be totally relaxing and rejuvenating. Greg creates a wonderful healing space for you to enjoy and be totally present in. I loved it! I will recommend others."


"I love Greg Ching! Definitely book your next appointment here! i've spent lifetimes picking at my issues of pain and limited mobility specifically in places where trauma memory is stored. i have explored many modalities to achieve the state i am in now. my watsu experience with greg moved through those places and offered the perception of cleaning out those spaces once and for all. i am so grateful."


"Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing Watsu with Greg Ching at his Aspen Meadows Aquatic Center. WOW! This was quite possibly the most nurturing session of body work, I've ever enjoyed. Greg is a gentle and intuitive healer, with a calming and supportive presence. Greg's "massage table" is a 96 degree, indoor, salt water pool tucked into a beautiful mountainous setting, just a few minutes outside of Boulder. Greg was very clear and explicit in explaining what to expect in my session and made me feel very comfortable. I was stretched and massaged, all while being guided in an effortless float through the zero gravity atmosphere of the pool. Pure tranquility! The session was long enough that I was able to truly let go an be immersed in the experience. It was amazing. If you are even a little bit curious do yourself a favor and take advantage of this incredible bargain, or better yet, treat someone you love to a Watsu session with Greg. "


"Loved my session with Greg... It was a nice combination of present, compassionate, gentle touch that quieted my mind, as well as deep relaxation and some deaper touch for my tight areas. Thank you, Greg!"


"I loved my Surf and Turf at Greg's stunningly beautiful spa in Nederland. He is a very gifted bodyworker both in the water and on land. This was my first Phenomenal Touch massage and WOW, it is now my favorite form of table massage!"


"Greg is intuitively skilled at responding to exactly what my body is calling for and that isn't always exactly the same from session to session. "


"Greg is more than just an effective practitioner; he's a very comforting and genuine person. He cares deeply about making guests feel welcome, and the moment one relaxes into his arms in the pool, one's tension starts to evaporate. Some healers are talented, and some are highly technically skilled, and then once in a while one encounters a healer who is very thoroughly both of those things. Greg needs to be kept at least somewhat secret, lest even more people move to Colorado. ;)"


"The setting is beautiful: a 20x20 slate-lined, salt-water pool with enormous windows letting in the light, candles flickering around the edges of the pool, soft music and wind-chimes, and lots of thick towels in the spacious shower room. Get into the body temperature water and let Greg help you with your flotation devices and explain the process of the watsu experience. Then close your eyes and float away into 75 minutes of no cell phones, no appointments, no stress - no contact or connection with the real world at all, just the soothing motions of the lapping water and the sense of your troubles (mental and physical) just washing away... You'll feel better for a good long time..."

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