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Luisa Valdes

Specialty: Color

248 S. Pennsylvania Ave #102
Winter Park, FL 32789


LUMA salon has reopened as "Elle Vie" salon in Hannibal Square, Winter Park

248 S. Pennsylvania Ave #102
Winter Park, FL 32789


LUMA salon has reopened as "Elle Vie" salon in Hannibal Square, Winter Park

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"Luisa is an amazing stylist. I've trusted her over and over again to style my hair as she sees fit and she never lets me down! absolutely a talented woman!"


"What can I say about Luisa? That she is wonderful, super professional, she listen your client carefully and does a great and amazing job. Since I had my appointment with Luisa on October 23, I still get compliments about my hair cut e this because I had long curly hair e I decided cut short, so was a big transformation. But Luisa were so patient when I showed many pictures and I explained her what I wanted, she helped me choose the best option. The result couldn't be better, she did a great job, I never have been so happy with a new hair cut. And let me tell you, I had previous experiences with curly hair specialists, but for me Luisa is the best one and I'm so glad that I am only few miles from her. My only regret was not find her before. Thank you so much, Luisa."


"For many years I have suffered from numerous BAD haircuts. First, I have curly hair. My dad has curly and my mom has bone straight hair, so mine is a funky combination. I had also flat ironed my hair for many many years. Well, I had to start wearing my hair curly again because my hair started to thin and I didn't want to keep using the heat from the iron. When I would wear it curly, it looked terrible. I had straight pieces on the end from ironing and I didn't have any shape what so ever. So I hit up the internet and started my research on stylists who specialize in curly hair. I came across Luisa's salon. I had expected to find some bad reviews as I had with so many other stylists, but I couldn't find a single one. She seemed to know what she was talking about and seemed to know what she was doing. I decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment. I was so scared that my hair was going to turn out like something from a 1970's movie - big, round and poofy. When I showed up for my appt, Luis was so nice and she sat and listened to me and my concerns. She had recommended that I cut about an inch off, but I didn't feel comfortable with taking that much off. She did what I requested and only took about a quarter of an inch off rather than doing what she thought should be done - like so many other "stylists". She even helped me to know how to style my hair. Since my mom had straight hair, she had no clue what to do with my wild crazy mess of curls. My father always hairsprayed his straight - yes, hairsprayed. I have been going to Luis for over a year now and my hair has never looked better. My curls have never been so spiraly before. She not only listens to what I want, she also does what I ask (even if she thinks I should do something else). I will follow Luis where ever she goes - just as long as it's in Central Florida. LOL. If anyone is scared of getting their curls cut, then they need to go to Luisa. She is amazing and understands that curly hair is not the same as straight hair and that it needs to be handled and cut differently. She is AMAZING!!!! "


"I have naturally curly hair and I have been on a hunt all my life for a hairdresser that knows about curls. Every hairdresser in the past always straightened my hair and cut short bangs when I would specifically tell them not to. I was so frustrated that I went several years without trying a new hairdresser. This time around I did some research and found great reviews on Luisa. Wow! It was a world of a difference. She actually listened to my hair worries, gave me great advice, made feel at home, and the the most important experience of all was the actual end result of her handiwork on my curls. The haircut was the best one I've ever had (in my life!) and my curls looked so perfect! I never knew that was even possible! She gave me tips on how to create the same look and it worked! Now the only thing I'm afraid of is moving too far away from Altamonte!"


"I have been to many hair stylists and I must say Luisa was the best I've ever had. She did an amazing job on my super versatile haircut. I do not see the point of going to anyone else. She knows both straight and curly hair. Most people do not know how to deal with my curly hair but she is the first I have found to do it so effortlessly. Completely sweet and professional and doesn't make you do any of the work (not even lift your head or strain your neck while she is washing your hair). Thanks Luisa your service was worth every penny."


"Did an amazing job for my May 2013 wedding! will definitely continue to book with Luisa for keeping up with my cut and color."


"Luisa is in a word FABULOUS!!! She is beautiful inside and out and saved my hideous, crazy curly hair. I just love her and you will too!! "

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