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McALLEN: UCAS - University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences

The mission of the institution is to provide an opportunity for students to achieve a quality cosmetology education for a group of learners who have the ability to benefit from the programs. 

McALLEN: UCAS - University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences
8401 N. 10th St.
McAllen, TX 78504


About us
The primary purpose of the institution is to better prepare students to become successful members of the cosmetology profession. In order to fulfill this objective, the institution teaches the techniques of artistry of cosmetology, poise, charm, self reliance, personal hygiene and business practices as the students are prepared for the State Board Cosmetology Examination. The school philosophy is the foundation in which the institution has significantly impacted the lives of many school graduates. We believe that the field of cosmetology provides many opportunities for our young men and women. The specific designation of this course is to prepare the students ... more

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