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Marinello Schools of Beauty - Redding, California

Defining Beauty Education Since 1905 

Marinello Schools of Beauty - Redding, California
1560 Market Street
Redding, CA 96001


About us
For over 100 years, Marinello Schools of Beauty has been educating students to enter a professional career in the beauty industry. Marinello has provided thousands of graduates with "Cosmetology Education" in California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. All programs are taught by experienced instructors using the Marinello Method, a revolutionary educational system that goes above and beyond theory. The Marinello Method puts the best techniques into practice, emphasizing a hands-on experience to help students master the skills necessary to pass state board exams and to jumpstart successful careers upon graduation. All Marinello locations offer classic, trendy and affordable ... more

Student Showcase

Alyssa Privette Cosmetologist
I'm in this industry because... I want to make people feel beautiful
Natalie Wilson Cosmetologist
I'm especially good at... Mens Cuts, Haircoloring, Acrylic Nails, and Gel Polish
I want to learn more about... special effects makeup and hair
Kelly Mullins Cosmetologist
Ashley Ann Smith Esthetician
I want to learn more about... Advanced waxing techniques
Honee Ulrich Cosmetologist
I'm in this industry because... I like to make people look good and make them feel pretty.
I'm in this industry because... i love making people feel good about themself
Tina Stilley Cosmetologist
I'd like to work in a place that is... willing to help me advance and learn more everyday.

Alumni Showcase

Amanda Enos Cosmetologist
Troy Hawkins Stylist
Teresa Pullen Cosmetologist
Bianca Ramos Cosmetologist
Brittney Gevas Cosmetologist
Jessica Hargrave Cosmetologist
Brittney Gevas Cosmetologist
Mikaela Baucum Cosmetologist
tammy eisen Cosmetologist
Kimberli Carranza Cosmetologist