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Kenneth Shuler - Spartanburg

This location has over 10,000 square feet of classrooms, practical rooms, a student lounge, facial rooms, and a student salon.  

Kenneth Shuler - Spartanburg
1515 John B. White Sr. Blvd
Spartanburg, SC 29301


About us
Kenneth Shuler is dedicated to providing academic excellence by emphasizing challenging and inspiring components. We take great pride in offering one of the most advanced curriculums available to beauty schools across the country - Milady. In addition, Kenneth Shuler is the only cosmetology school in South Carolina to offer the exclusive Milady Business Fundamentals program. This program incorporates business training into the regular cosmetology curriculum and gives future cosmetologists the knowledge they'll need to run successful businesses following graduation and licensure. Even after you graduate school, you can continue your education with Kenneth Shuler Schools. We offer Continuing Education classes ... more

Student Showcase

Shelby Reeder
Shelby Reeder Cosmetologist
Colleen Holland
Colleen Holland Esthetician
I want to learn more about... Everything. Knowledge is a powerful thing.
Shelby Reeder

Alumni Showcase

Jennifer Reisker Cosmetologist
stw Stylist
Sara Hoover Cosmetologist
Ashley Bergman Cosmetologist
Brandy Hutchins Cosmetologist
Amanda Kisner Cosmetologist
Leslie Owens Stylist
Jolyne Minnix Stylist
Megan Quinn Cosmetologist