Spooky season is here! We scrolled through some of StyleSeat’s Instagram stars to see the Halloween looks that they created, and we were not disappointed. Discover these looks from our top hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail artists to bring to your next appointment for your Halloween look. 

1. Black Stiletto Nails

Give spooky vibes with your next set by asking your nail tech for black stiletto nails with Halloween-inspired designs and gems. We love the ombre nail color and french tips, which can go with any costume.

Ashley Hernandez | Everett, WA | StyleSeat Profile

2. Spooky Movie Character

Love scary movies? Then you have your next costume idea. Dress up as your favorite movie character and go to the next level by including costume makeup. We love this Jigsaw costume from the Saw movie series.

Azeez Gafari | Las Vegas, NV | StyleSeat Profile

3. Glam Body Art

For a glamorous Halloween look, dazzle yourself with jewels to make your body art and makeup look the center of attention. Then, add gems to your nail design for a nice finishing touch.

Janessa Sanabria | El Cajon, CA |  StyleSeat Profile

4. Orange and Black Confetti Nails

If spooky isn’t your thing, you can still rock Halloween colors in your next nail design. Try orange and black nails with dark-toned confetti or glitter to embrace fall while looking incredible.

Ashley Hernandez | Everett, WA | StyleSeat Profile

5. Bold Haircolor

Bold hair color is perfect for the Halloween season and can go with any costume. Try this bold pink and purple ombre during your next appointment.

Janae Miller | Katy, TX | StyleSeat Profile

6. Butterfly Beauty

If dressing up for Halloween is not for you, you can always try a fun look with your hair. Add 3D butterflies to your hair for a fun way to switch your look this season.

Janessa Sanabria | El Cajon, CA |  StyleSeat Profile

7. Pumpkin Glitz and Glam

Go all the way with special effects makeup to switch your entire look. With the sparkle accents, we can not get enough of this glamorous pumpkin look. Adding costume contact lenses are the perfect way to enhance your Halloween look.

Tanielle Donner | Cleveland, OH | StyleSeat Profile

8. Cool Mummy

You can create a DIY Halloween costume and look fabulous! The DIY mummy costume will turn heads and win a Halloween costume contest. Get this look by requesting airbrush makeup with your StyleSeat makeup artist.

Blessing Ndon | Los Angeles, CA | StyleSeat Profile

9. Colorful Doll Look

Get colorful this Halloween season! Think of ways to use bright and bold colors for your costume. We look how this Pro added color to this makeup look and used a bright-colored wig.

Azeez Gafari | Las Vegas, NV | StyleSeat Profile

10. Cute Ghost Nails

You won’t be afraid of this friendly ghost nail design. This cute minimum nail design can go with all of your looks and is an excellent option for those who love neutral nails. 

Salina NΓ©ou | Los Angeles, CA | StyleSeat Profile

There’s still time to book your Halloween Look with a StyleSeat Pro.