Whether you’re stuck at home or waiting to get in with your favorite pro, we’ve got you covered with these at-home eyebrow shaping hacks. 

Lights. Tools. Action.

Just because your brows are looking Bilbo Baggins-y doesn’t mean you have to shape them in a hobbit hole! Make sure to begin the process in a well-lit room, preferably one where the light doesn’t come from overhead as that can cause misleading shadows. Some Pros even suggest taking a mirror outside or near a window to pluck in natural sunlight so you have the best idea of where your brows actually lie. 

Slanted tweezers work best for at-home shaping. If you feel the need to do a tiny bit of trimming ONLY use hair scissors because craft scissors are a recipe for disaster. 

Pluck Properly

When tweezing, pull from the root of the hair rather than the tip. Pulling from the tip can cause breakage which in some cases can lead to ingrown hairs or infection. Try to only pluck hairs from the area between your brows, let’s call it Frida Kahlo Valley. 

Clean tools are essential to avoiding plucking acne so make sure to give your tweezers a good wash before getting started. We don’t recommend threading or waxing at home unless you have prior experience.

The Pencil Test

Feeling confused about where your brows should begin and end? Grab a pencil, or a pen. Hold it to the side of your nose, running in parallel. Where the eraser hits your brow ridge on either side is where your inner brow should stop. You might want to mark this with a bit of eyeliner so you know that anything outside of that line is a candidate for plucking. 

Next, place the pencil next to the outer nostril and turn it roughly 45°. Now the eraser end should be directly under the brow ridge where the tail of your brow should end. Still confused? Here’s a helpful video 

Keep it Natural

Now’s not the time to make super drastic eyebrow changes, so be conservative with your plucking. Use the thickest part of your inner brow as a guide for how thick the rest of your brow should be. You generally want your brow to look like it gradually thins slightly towards the tail. Try to pluck only the little bits that stray from your brow’s natural shape rather than reinventing that shape yourself. 

Honor this shape further by avoiding plucking above the brow and instead brush those hairs to fit the others.