It’s safe to say social distancing has become our new normal. As we hunker down and pray for new Netflix shows, it’s easy to feel the urge to do more to support those affected most by this nationwide quarantine. With salons and studios temporarily closing their doors, the beauty professionals who work wonders for us regularly are among those being hit the hardest. So as we wait for better days, how can we pay it forward for the stylists we love? Now is our chance to support our favorite beauty professionals with Prepay.

Prepay Future Appointments

If you have upcoming appointments on the books, (or had to postpone one to a later date) show your professional some love by paying in advance with Prepay. By paying ahead of time, you’ll give your stylist some wiggle room and you’ll both have something to look forward. Plus, when your appointment arrives you’ll be all settled up. 

How do I prepay for an appointment? 

Easy! Navigate to your upcoming appointment on StyleSeat and hit Prepay. You’ll be able to close out with the card you have on file. Once you have your appointment, you can leave a tip.

Don’t have any upcoming appointments? 

Use your extra down time to explore new services and stylists. Browse and book professionals on StyleSeat and you’ll have your beauty lineup ready when you emerge from quarantine.  

Don’t know when to book? 

If you’re not sure when to schedule your prepaid appointment, purchase a digital Gift Card instead. You’ll get all the perks of a prepaid appointment with none of the scheduling commitment. 

Want to do more? 

Get immediate face-time with your pro by booking a Virtual Appointment. Have your Pro walk you through at-home beauty maintenance or help you master your favorite looks.

Low on product? Reach out to your Pros to see if they offer personalized style-kits. Your stylist knows exactly what color, tools, and products you need to get by until you can get back in the chair.