You are a style expert — everyone knows that. You’re the first to know what’s trending and the go-to person in your circle. You are hip to the latest techniques and tools, and you recognize that time is valuable when running your business, which is why you choose StyleSeat to help you flourish. Leaders like you thrive in the beauty and grooming industry. So why not earn extra cash by referring your industry friends to StyleSeat?

Our referral program allows you to grow your business and earn additional revenue. Learn more about the newly updated program and start referring today.

How Does It Work?

​​Earn $200 for each professional you refer

Get paid for every professional you refer (using your referral link) once they run their business on StyleSeat for 30 days. In addition, the professional that you referred to StyleSeat will also receive $50 to put towards their business. 

When do I get paid?

You’ll get paid each time a new professional signs up through your link and runs their business on StyleSeat for at least 30 days. The money will be deposited directly into both you and your friend’s account within 60 days.

3 Ways To Refer Professionals to the StyleSeat Pro Referral Program

We made a quick guide with tips to help you spread the word that StyleSeat is the go-to beauty and grooming platform to grow your clientele and make more money. Check out these tips to successfully recommend professionals to the StyleSeat Pro Referral Program.

1. Make an announcement on Instagram

Let your network know that you love StyleSeat, and if they’re ready to take their business to the next level. Need a start? Copy and paste this caption. Customize it to fit your brand: 

Are you ready for a promotion? I’ve grown my business and clientele with StyleSeat, and I want to help you do the same. Sign up through the link in my bio, run your bookings through StyleSeat for 30 days, and they will invest $50 in your business. Reach out if you have questions about how to get started.

2. Add your link to your Instagram Bio

Use Linktree if you want to share multiple links in your bio, so your referral link is easier to find.

3. Focus your content on business tips

When creating content for in-feed posts, stories, or live streaming, don’t forget to share what features you love about StyleSeat and how your business has flourished since joining the platform.

4. Get personal, send a text

Have some professionals in your network who would be a perfect first for StyleSeat? Shoot them a text directly from your app and let them know they’ll now get $50 if they sign up through your link.

Blog disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is not a binding legal document or an offer. Participation in the Pro Referral program is subject to the terms available here, to the exclusion of all other terms.

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