Permanent hair straightening can cost between $38 to $425. It’s a great long-term solution that’ll save you from all the time you spend straightening and styling your hair. Humidity will no longer dictate your styling time!

For some, permanent straightening is synonymous with relaxers and straight perms. However, there are key differences between each service that affect your hair and the final cost.

We’re going to cover some of these differences, how they impact how much permanent hair straightening will cost, and everything else you should understand about the price before booking a permanent hair straightening service.

What impacts my permanent hair straightening price?

The price of permanent hair straightening can fluctuate depending on the method, the state of your hair, and the cost of aftercare. Other factors include the salon’s location, your stylist’s experience, and the competition in your area. Many of the factors that affect the cost of traditional perms also impact the cost of permanent hair straightening. Keep in mind that prices at your hairdresser’s salon can differ from the average prices at other hair salons.


Chemical straightening uses mostly chemicals, while thermal reconditioning uses a combination of chemicals and heat. Chemical straightening, like relaxers, is normally cheaper than thermal reconditioning treatments. Japanese hair straightening has become synonymous with thermal reconditioning and can get pricey.

State of your hair

Like most hair services, the length and thickness of your hair can increase your price. More hair means your stylist will need to spend more time and use more products for this service. Your stylist may charge more or advise you not to get this treatment if your hair has been previously treated with chemicals because you can end up seriously damaging your hair.


Most permanent straightening methods will dry out and weaken your hair. Although you don’t pay for aftercare upfront, you’ll need to budget for new products and treatments to keep your hair nourished. Hair masks, deep conditioning treatments, and even new sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner should be on your next shopping list after your appointment.

Salon and stylist

Some areas are more expensive than others thanks to the higher cost of living and competition. If you only have one stylist in your neighborhood with years of experience, you can expect them to have a higher price than someone who’s less experienced. Some stylists may charge more if they’re the only ones in the area who specialize in a particular service.

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Relaxers can cost between $38 and $150 while Japanese hair straightening can cost between $123 and $425, according to our internal appointment data. There are other types and many names stylists use. For example, you may see a service called a “straight perm” when they’re doing Japanese hair straightening.

Talk to your stylist to see what method they’re using, along with the products and ingredients. We’ll focus on relaxers and Japanese hair straightening below since they’re two of the most popular treatments.

How much are relaxers across the U.S.?

Relaxers are the most expensive in New Hampshire, with an average cost of $150 per appointment. Michigan has the cheapest average coming in at $38. Relaxers are sometimes called hair rebonding treatments or chemical treatments. Most traditional relaxers use only chemicals to straighten hair. 

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data

How much is Japanese hair straightening across the U.S.?

New York is home to the most expensive Japanese hair straightening treatments at $425, while Texas has the cheapest at $123. You’ll need to search around for this service since not everyone offers it.

Japanese hair straightening can also go by many names, like thermal reconditioning or a straight perm. There are also other types of thermal reconditioning, like the Korean magic straight perm.

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data

How long does permanent hair straightening last?

Permanent hair straightening can last anywhere between one and four months. This service is permanent and won’t wash out of the treated hair. However, it will eventually grow out as your natural hair begins to grow.

You can go in for touch-ups to straighten new growth. You’ll need to make room in your budget for these since they’re not much cheaper than a regular appointment. You may also need to space out touch-ups if your hair needs more time to recover between appointments.

There’s no way to stop regrowth, but there are a few things you can do to maintain your hair’s health and smoothness long after the treatment. For instance, avoid things like washing your hair, getting your hair wet, and styling your hair for the first few days after your appointment.

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Are keratin treatments better than permanent straightening?

The best treatment depends on your hair goals, how long you want it to last, and what you’re OK with putting in your hair. If you’re looking for the cheaper option, go for a keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment prices are much cheaper than permanent straightening and less damaging. The trade-off is that keratin treatments are semi-permanent and eventually wash out of your treated hair. Some keratin treatments are only strong enough to smooth hair rather than straighten it. This can be a great option if you’re just looking for a solution for flyaways and frizz. 

Regardless of what you pick, keep in mind that results can vary among all types of straightening treatments. For instance, curly hair may not get pin-straight depending on the treatment.

Do your research and get help from your stylist to see what treatment is best for you. You can get a consultation before your treatment so they can use the method that’s best for your hair. If you’re still unsure, you can also ask your stylist for a strand test before you spend on the full service.

Why should I get this done at the salon?

You should get permanent hair straightening done at the salon since it’s safer and you’ll get better results. Your stylist will have lots of experience to get you as close as possible to the results you want. They can also educate you on aftercare to help you preserve your new sleek look.

You’re taking lots of risks when you try to DIY. Most at-home kits don’t last as long as professional-grade products. You’re also more likely to damage your hair at home if you’re inexperienced with the process or don’t know how ingredients affect your hair.

For example, no-lye relaxers can still include ingredients like calcium hydroxide. This ingredient is milder than sodium hydroxide, the main ingredient in lye relaxers, but tends to create more calcium buildup on your scalp. 

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Permanent hair straightening isn’t a service to skimp on. You’re exposing your hair to lots of chemicals and permanently altering its natural structure. To make the best choice and get the most value for your appointment, do your research on local stylists, read their reviews, and get a few quotes to compare prices.

Look through our community of stylists to find someone in your neighborhood who specializes in permanent straightening treatments.

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