Since it’s debut in 1975, divas like Cher, JLo, and Britney have adopted the timelessly chic french manicure. While facing so many new things this summer, why not take it back to this classic, clean nail style to remind us of the good old days? Here’s a few reasons why a french mani should be your next nail art of choice. 

You Already Have Everything You Need

If you have scotch tape or reinforcement labels you’re halfway towards your french manicure dreams. Once you’ve applied a flesh-toned base coat (and let it dry) you can either:

  • Tape off every part of your nail but the tip
  • Place the reinforcement so the top of the circle stops right below where you’d want your white tip to be and the bottom of it is on the skin of your finger. Here’s a picture to demonstrate further. 

Once you’ve done this, paint a layer of white polish above the tape or reinforcement. Let it dry completely then gently remove the barrier. You should be left with a lovely crescent moon tip. 

Colors Help Mix Things Up

While a classic white tipped manicure looks très jolie, opting for a colored tip can give this style a funky update. Experiment with a solid color tip on every nail or show your pride with alternating rainbow tips. A splash of color against the negative space of the rest of the nail gives you an understated look that packs a personality punch!

It Works for Any Nail Length

Certain nail salons won’t give you french tips if you have short nails (which, just gonna say it here: is discriminatory against most blog writers ?). But in reality, you can do a french tip on any length of nail. DIY-ing this design allows you to modify it to fit your exact nail shape. 

If you still can’t get the hang of french nails hit up your nail pro. In some cases they can design a custom set of acrylic nails for you, all tipped up and ready to go.