Between marketing your salon and scheduling appointments, it can take some serious time and effort to get your clients on the books. So, when a client cancels last-minute it’s hard not to feel like your hard work has gone to waste. Last-minute appointment cancellations affect your schedule and your profit, but sadly they’re inevitable. While you can’t eliminate last-minute cancellations, you can fill them. Learn how StyleSeat helps you keep your schedule full and earn an extra $1,700 a year by filling your last-minute cancellations.

How it Works

When you have a cancellation, we’ll send your upcoming clients a text alert giving them early access to your new opening. If they want to snag your new appointment time, they can book directly from the notification. When they lock down your new time slot, we’ll add them to your schedule and send you a confirmation. Best of all, it all happens behind the scenes — so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Pro has a new opening.     App screenshot that shows the checkout process of a last-minute opening.     App screenshot that shows a stylists notification of StyleSeat filling a last-minute cancellation.

Never Miss Out on Earnings 

By automatically giving eager clients access to your unexpected openings, you can avoid the last-minute schedule scramble, and better yet, you never have to miss out on a paycheck. Filling just two cancellations a month can put an extra $1,700 a year back into your business.

Give Your Clients Flexibility 

We know how frustrating it is for clients when they can’t book the time they want. That’s why when you have last-minute cancellations, we give your other clients access to new openings. When your client books an appointment, we make sure they always have the opportunity to book the time they truly want. Here is the messaging we share with clients:

Get early access to new openings!

When your stylist is in high-demand, you might not always find the appointment time you’re looking for. That’s why we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when new spots open up. If a new appointment becomes available, we’ll send you a text with the details. If the time works for you, confirm and reserve your spot directly from your phone.

Plus, clients love the flexibility of accessing better appointments at the touch of a button.

“So convenient! That text message was a super pleasant surprise and I was able to book a much sooner time.”

— Marina Castro

With more opportunities to book the time they need, you can keep your clients happy and your schedule full — without lifting a finger. Explore more ways to get the most out of your day by maximizing your schedule with StyleSeat. 

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