Lash lifts cost between $35 and $110 based on where you go and what other services you get. It may cost more than your go-to eye makeup, but a lash lift could be your saving grace from your daily makeup battles.

Ever stare at your lashes in frustration when they get clumpy with mascara? How about when they downright refuse to accept your falsies? If this is you, then this treatment is worth your time.

In about an hour, the right lash tech will create beautifully curled lashes that will last for weeks. Lash lifts are great if you want a service that’s affordable, long-lasting, and low maintenance.

Not a fan of dramatic, nearly spidery lashes? Not a problem with a lash lift. Your lash tech will create your look by lifting and molding your natural lashes. This lets you bask in perfectly curled lashes that look like you did it yourself.

Lash lifts are a great service, but you may feel discouraged when you actually start shopping around. It’s not easy to know if you’re getting the best value for the price. That’s why we put together this quick guide to help you decide before you book your appointment. We go over everything from pricing in each state to the signs you’ve found a trustworthy lash tech. 

How much is a lash lift in each state?

Lash lifts are the most expensive in Iowa at an average of $110 per appointment. In Wisconsin, you can get a lash lift for as low as $35. You can see the average cost for most states below:

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data

How much is a lash lift and tint in each state?

Lash lifts and tints can cost between $39 and $153. Lash techs commonly offer tints with lash lifts. A tint will darken your lashes to mimic the look of mascara. Like a lash lift, tints are also semi-permanent and can last between three and five weeks. These appointments are typically more expensive than lift-only appointments. Check out the average appointment cost for this combo below:

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data.

What affects the cost of a lash lift?

Your salon, lash tech, and included services all influence lash lift prices. A higher price doesn’t always mean better quality, but it may be justified. For example, lash techs with years of experience and lots of happy customers probably charge more than a new tech. Check out our quick list to see how different factors impact a lash lift’s cost:

  • Services included, like if they package lash lifts with tints
  • Lash tech’s skill level, since more experienced techs charge more for their services
  • Salon’s location, since the cost of living and local competition can drive up price

What am I paying for during a lash lift appointment?

Lash lift appointments typically include a consultation with a patch test, prep, the lash lift itself, and any cleansing afterward to ease discomfort. Some lash techs will also include aftercare products with their appointment. Extra services are sometimes available for an additional cost, like lash tints or brow lamination.

How long does it last?

Lash lifts typically last between four and eight weeks depending on how well you care for them and the state of your lashes. You can help your investment last longer if you brush your lashes with a spoolie and avoid rubbing them.

However, your eyelashes will eventually grow and fall out based on your lashes’ natural lifecycle. Although you can’t control this, following other lash best practices can help them last as long as possible.

Can I give myself a lash lift?

You can give yourself a lash lift, but you’ll need to do your research to keep your lashes safe. DIY lash lifts can put you in harm’s way if you make a mistake. For example, applying too much product or getting anything in your eye can lead to discomfort and damage. You can also end up with messy-looking lashes if you use the wrong rod size or use too much product.

If you end up unsatisfied with your final look, you’ll need to wait before you can try again. Your lashes need a break between treatments to recover. Your healthcare professional or a lash tech can help you figure out the best time to try again.

person with black hair and big hoop earrings wearing a white collared top, looking to the side

Is a lash lift worth it?

Lash lifts are worth it if you’re looking for a long-term way to maintain a natural and curled look for your lashes. You’ll save some time from doing your lashes every day and you’ll save the money you’d spend on other services.

Lash lifts don’t require touch-up appointments or strict maintenance compared to other services. For example, all types of lash extensions require touch-up appointments and have lots of aftercare rules. 

This service might not be worth it if your lashes already have a natural curl, they’re short, or they’re weak. You may not see much of a difference if you already have a natural curl or if they’re short. Your lashes may also get brittle and dry if they’re starting weak or are already falling out.

Other lash services may be better for you based on your goals. If you want a dramatic and customized look, you may be better off getting lash extensions.

If you’re not sure if your lashes can handle a lash lift, consult with your healthcare professional or your lash tech (or both!) to get a professional opinion. A lash tech can also help you narrow down the best lash service for you.

How do I know when I’ve found a great lash tech?

A great lash tech will take their time with you, will explain their process, and has the right licensing and experience to help create the look you want. Here are a few signs that you’ve found a great tech:

  • Gives pre-appointment tips to prep your lashes and the eye area
  • Sits down for a consultation to learn your goals and see if you’re a good candidate
  • Offers to do a patch test before the procedure
  • Takes their time during the appointment
  • Can walk through their pricing, process, and safety procedures
  • Offers to customize your look with different types of curls and extra services
  • Possesses the right licensing for your location

Licensing is especially important since rules vary between states and cities. For example, California strongly encourages lash lift training for all licensed barbers, cosmetologists, and estheticians before performing the service.

To make the most of your appointment, don’t be afraid to speak up. Being vocal about your goals and questions helps you get what you want. It also gives your lash tech a chance to get ahead of mistakes so you can get your money’s worth. 

close up of lash tech performing a lash lift on a client

Finding an experienced tech is especially important for lash lifts and any services near your eyes. The extra time you spend reading reviews is worth it in the long run because you’ll be able to find the person who can create the look you want while making sure you’re comfortable.

Find a lash tech in your area today who can help you finally get the lashes of your dreams.