You are a style expert — everyone knows that. You’re the first to know what’s trending and the go-to person in your circle. You are hip to the latest techniques and tools, and you understand the value of continuing education. Leaders like you thrive in the beauty and grooming industry.

Not only does StyleSeat celebrate that style is individual and unique, we promote entrepreneurship that allows professionals to use their influence to generate revenue. So, amplify your voice as a StyleSeat Brand Ambassador!   

How Does It Work?

​​Invite five friends, earn $400

Get paid for every professional you refer once they run their business on StyleSeat for 30 days. Here’s just a snapshot of the extra cash you can make:

ReferralsCash Amount

Become a top ambassador 

Get more than five friends, and level up to a top brand ambassador. Top brand ambassadors earn $600 for every five friends. 

​​Be a brand advocate

Ambassadors are encouraged to advocate and share about the platform that helps run their business. Consistently share about your StyleSeat successes to unlock special perks!

When do I get paid?

You’ll get paid each time a new professional signs up through your link and runs their business on StyleSeat for at least 30 days. You’ll get an email once they hit 30 days, and the money will be deposited directly to your account. 


We know that’s top of mind. So what are the perks of being a StyleSeat Brand Ambassador? You will have the opportunity to have your work reposted on our Instagram with almost 50,000 followers and featured in our newsletter with over 120,000 email subscribers.

But more importantly, we will invest in you. This includes:

  • Free products and gifting
  • Free resources to help your business grow
  • Additional industry education such as masterclasses 
  • Exclusive one-on-one access to industry leaders

How Do I Apply?

Are you just as excited as us? We hope so! To be considered for the StyleSeat Brand Ambassador program, you must apply. The application includes detailing your industry experience, StyleSeat and social media profile links, and why you would like to become a StyleSeat Brand Ambassador.

We are looking for passionate professionals who want to share how StyleSeat has improved their businesses and why others should join the squad too! So no matter your social media following or if you’ve just joined StyleSeat, we want you to apply for the chance of being in the brand ambassador program.

Blog disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is not a binding legal document or an offer. Participation in the Brand Ambassador program is subject to the terms available here, to the exclusion of all other terms.