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5 Ways to Combat Mask Acne

Today, the world is facing bigger problems than a few pimples. But when you’re holding up inside, or only looking at yourself during Zoom meetings (everyone is doing it, no shade there) a pimple can feel like a big deal. 

Whether you’re an essential worker wearing a PPE mask or someone sporting a bandanna to get your steps in, your skin might need a little extra TLC these days. Here’s our guide to at-home skincare to help fight “maskne”. 

Clean Up

Following a cleansing routine can help prep your face for whatever the day brings. Be mindful though, a face that’s been squished in a mask all day might be more sensitive than usual so now’s not necessarily the time for rough peels or elbow grease exfoliation. 

If you’re using a cloth mask, that also needs washing. Be sure to throw your mask or bandana in the laundry at least once a week and/or have a rotation so you’re not putting the same drooly cloth on your face day in and day out. 

Ditch the Foundation

Maskne is caused by facial hair follicles being irritated, or by the swampy trapped moisture from our mouths and noses. Adding foundation makeup to this equation is a recipe for more blocked pores, so skip that for the time being. If you really want to experiment, try some fun eyeshadow looks or do what one brilliant YouTuber did and put the foundation on the mask itself. Do yourself a favor, stop reading this and watch that video, it’s good for the soul. 


Stress and masks can dry out your skin so moisturizing is extra important right now. Try to use oil-free products to reduce buildup on your skin, and don’t forget to apply before putting your mask on and after taking it off. Some guides for healthcare workers suggest using a thick barrier cream like zinc to lubricate the areas where your mask touches your skin to prevent irritation, but check with your skincare Pro before trying this. 

Hyaluronic Acid is Your Friend

This beauty ingredient can be found in a lot of moisturizers and cleansers or even as a stand-alone serum. Apply it to a clean face before putting on your mask to lock in moisture and repel oil. 

Spot Treat

The good news about having so much of your face covered in public is that it’s a perfect excuse to rock spot treatments outside of your home. Directly treat breakouts and then let them set under your mask while you take a walk. Bonus: skin colored pimple patches are perfect for sneakily wearing during Zoom calls. No one ever needs to know! 

Masks can be annoying, gross, or straight-up bummers but they are so important! Your skin will thank you for these beauty tips and the world thanks you for doing your part to promote a healthier tomorrow.

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