Facials aren’t just good for your skin… they’re great for your skin! 

There are so many different types of facials, with each one having its own unique purposes and benefits. While facial treatments are uniquely designed to help your skin look its absolute best, there are certain commonalities that every facial has in common.

Let’s go through a couple of the most common benefits of facial treatments where we’ll explore why facials are good for your skin, the short and long term benefits of certain treatments, the noticeable visible changes you can expect after a facial, and which facial treatments are best for each particular benefit.

1. Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing is the process of rigorous exfoliation, often with the help of a cream, scrub, or wand. Typically, facials that are focused on deep cleansing are a combination of relaxing and rejuvenating, helping your face to feel fresh and clean post-treatment. 

What Are The Short-Term Benefits of Deep Cleansing?

Clean pores and fresh skin are two of the most common short-term benefits for facials that focus on deep cleansing. In order for the facial tissues to respond to hydrating creams, toning serums, and other products in your regular skincare routine, the pores need to be open and clean. A deep cleansing treatment like a microdermabrasion session helps to completely cleanse the skin for ultimate results.

The Long-Term Benefits of Deep Cleansing?

Deep cleansing is really more of a short-term benefit as your face will inevitably get dirty again. However, getting in the habit of regularly scheduling a deep cleansing facial treatment with a qualified aesthetician is a great way to ensure that your skin remains healthy and clean. But, how often should you get a facial that is especially deep cleansing? It depends on the individual, but a regular standing appointment for a deep cleansing facial treatment will do wonders for keeping your skin healthy long-term. Natural Body asserts that regular deep cleansing may even help eliminate the need for harsher chemical treatments.¹

What Are The Noticeable Visible Changes of Deep Cleansing?

Deep cleansing facial treatments are most commonly associated with the elimination of redness, brighter/livelier skin, and even create a more even colored skin tone while removing dark spots from the skin’s surface. 

Which Facial Treatments Are Best For Deep Cleansing?

Microdermabrasion and oxygenating facials are two of the most common for deep cleansing. Both of these methods use a wand to deeply exfoliate the pores of the face. The result of deep exfoliation is a type of clean that you can only get with exfoliation-based deep cleansing skin facials.

2. Anti-Aging

Anti-aging is the result of well-planned facial regimens wherein you can actually slow down visible signs of aging. This benefit of regular facials helps the skin stay youthful and glowing, giving the skin a tight and vibrant look rather than tired and baggy.

What Are The Short Term Benefits of Anti-Aging?

Elimination of fine lines, reduction in wrinkles, fuller cheeks, and a bright complexion are all short-term benefits of anti-aging facial treatments. Facials that focus on anti-aging tend to rely on methods that stimulate new cell growth, boost collagen production, and of course, tighten skin to reduce lines.

The Long-Term Benefits of Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging methods aren’t just good for short-term reductions in fine lines and wrinkles; they can also help you maintain the appearance of healthy skin for longer. While you can’t completely stop the aging process, you can slow it down considerably. According to Time magazine online, hydrating is one of the most important facets of proper facial care.² Many anti-aging facial treatments incorporate hydrating aftercare that helps keep skin plump and tight. Additionally, this encourages healthy new skin to form under the derma while keeping the current surface skin youthful and bright.

What Are The Noticeable Visible Changes of Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging facial treatments are focused on things like facial fatigue. Fine line elimination and wrinkle reduction are at the top of the list of visible post-treatment changes but eradicating dark circles under the eyes, tightening skin across the forehead, and plumping thet cheeks are all potential visible changes to expect after an anti-aging facial treatment. 

Which Facial Treatments Are Best For Anti Aging?

The two most popular anti-aging facial treatments include chemical peels and microneedling. A chemical peel is one of the best treatments for tightening and toning the face, while microneedling is ideal for ramping up collagen production. Sometimes these treatments are suggested together, though there needs to be some time in between for the skin to recover and rejuvenate properly. It is important to find qualified estheticians that specialize in these types of anti-aging treatments, considering they are two of the more invasive types of facial procedures. 

3. Skin Tone Balancing

Skin tone balancing means evening out the color of your skin so that the skin tone is uniform and even across the whole face and neck. This is a common skin goal for anyone with age spots, acne scars, or blemishes of any kind.

What Are The Short-Term Benefits of Skin Tone Balancing?

Skin tone balancing offers the benefit of feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Receiving facial treatments for balancing skin tone help alleviate the stress of having to look at pesky blemishes and helps to give your natural look a boost. Plus, say goodbye to having to use all that toner. Bye-bye, blending!

The Long-Term Benefits of Skin Tone Balancing?

Skin tone balancing treatments can be used over a longer period of time to eradicate things like scarring, age spots, and even pigmentation discrepancies. Such treatments may take years, but the benefit of no longer having to constantly cover up a spot your self conscious about is worth it. 

What Are The Noticeable Visible Changes of Skin Tone Balancing?

It may be a little too obvious, being that it’s right in the name, but one of the most noticeable advantages of a skin tone balancing facial treatment is a smoother, more even skin tone. 

Which Facial Treatments Are Best For Skin Tone Balancing?

Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, LED light therapy, and oxygenating facials are all excellent treatments for skin tone balancing. Microdermabrasion and LED light therapy are both especially effective in eradicating dark spots and scars from the surface of the skin. Though most professional treatments should be performed by a qualified esthetician, if you are interested in learning how to do a facial at home, LED light therapy can be performed from the comfort of your home on a daily basis if you have the proper device.

4. Skin Rejuvenation

Don’t confuse skin rejuvenation with anti-aging. Whereas anti-aging works to eliminate the visible signs of aging like fine lines and puffy skin, skin rejuvenation is a more holistic benefit of facial treatments, where the skin cells themselves are actually given a rejuvenating boost.

What Are The Short-Term Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is great for anyone who puts a lot of stuff on their skin. Everything from makeup to sunscreen to lotions and toners is all absorbed by your skin, and sometimes your pores just need a break. Skin rejuvenation therapies offer the immediate benefit of giving your skin a quick reset.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is a great way to kick start the healing process, but it will only last as long as you keep taking care of your skin. Typically skin rejuvenation treatments come with a longer list of post-treatment care guidelines so as to reap the long-term rewards of having fresh, clean skin.

What Are The Noticeable Visible Changes of Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation tends to reveal itself in the form of tighter, brighter skin and a reduction in red, puffy areas. Additionally, skin rejuvenation helps to reset your skin’s natural balance of oil, which in turn helps with things like acne, blackheads, and other pesky blemishes. When you are searching for where to get a facial, look for skin rejuvenation therapies to clear up complexion and reduce splotchy redness in all its forms.

Which Facial Treatments Are Best For Skin Rejuvenation?

Any facial treatment that helps the skin produce more collagen is great for skin rejuvenation. LED light therapy and microneedling are both excellent ways to boost collagen production, while oxygenating facial treatments are an excellent way to open up clogged pores and wake up the surface of the skin.

Additional Benefits of Facial Treatments

While the four major benefits of facials offer a glimpse into exactly why professional facial treatments are good for your skin, there are other, slightly more intangible benefits that come from regular facials as well. 

For example, while the following intangible benefits may not be as noticeable as a reduction in fine lines or tight, bright skin, they do have an impact on immediate and future skin health. 

It is important to note that the following additional benefits of facials, while not visible themselves, help promote healthy bodily functions that result in visibly radiant skin. Here are just three of the intangible benefits of facials:

Better Blood Circulation Leads to Fewer Lines 

Blood circulation has a lot to do with how your skin is able to combat outside stressors. Things like makeup, dirt, and even the sun are constantly putting stress on your skin, and better blood circulation helps keep collagen production up and oxygen levels high.

The better your blood is moving in your face, the fewer bags you will have under your eyes, the fewer wrinkles you will create, and the brighter your complexion will appear on a daily basis. EveryDay Health reports that better blood circulation means better skin condition, which is why better blood circulation is one of our core intangible benefits of regular facials.³

Reduced Levels of Stress Means Increased Levels of Loving Your Skin

What is one of the other terms for fine lines? Stress lines! Reducing your stress is crucial to maintaining healthy, happy skin. Fine lines can be created by all sorts of facial expressions, and when you’re stressed, you tend to furrow, frown, and flat-out wrinkle your face.

Staying relaxed is a great way to prevent your face from getting scrunched up any more than it needs to, and stress reduction is a wonderful intangible benefit of frequent facial treatments. A relaxed face is a happy face, and a happy face is usually the result of a great facial.

Detoxification Is the New Intoxicating 

Who doesn’t like to feel cleansed and fresh? Frequent facial treatments are a great way to detox your system and allow your skin to rebound and bounce back to its beautiful natural state.  

The irony of healthy, detoxed skin is that typically the sign of detox is that there’s nothing to look at. A true detox means saying goodbye to nasty breakouts and living that clear skin life. Detoxifying your skin is a great intangible benefit of regular facial treatments that will have your skin so clean and fresh you’ll want to look but not touch. If you are feeling inspired to find a local esthetician who specializes in any of these facial treatments, you’re in luck! Whether you are searching for a facialist in Houston or a qualified esthetician in Atlanta, look no further than StyleSeat to get connected to highly recommended professionals.

Do a Little Good and Book Yourself a Facial 

Now that you know just how good facials are for you and your skin, there’s really no excuse not to book a facial treatment. Whether you’re new to facials, or a long-time lover of all things skincare, StyleSeat’s online booking app can help you connect with local skincare specialists in your area.

With just a few easy clicks, you can find the perfect skin treatment with all the benefits and rewards you’re looking to get out of a facial. Whether you need some detoxifying skin rejuvenation, some deep cleansing oxygenation, or even a line reducing peel, StyleSeat has your appointment ready to go. Stop settling for skin that’s anything less than stellar, and book your next facial appointment today. 


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