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Specialty: Weave

Specializing in cut, extensions,color and healthy hair!

Specializing in cut, extensions,color and healthy hair!

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Consultation Brief consultation, questions, Concerns prior to booking. Pricing goes toward service, if client books for appointment $30 15 min. BOOK ME
Late fee $25 and up 45 min. BOOK ME

Timeless color

Color/Extensions/Hair already installed 3 bundles,one color, style is included. Pricing varies depending on color job.Blondes, extreme color pricing varies. This service is for ... (more) $150 and up 2 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Full Color Natural Hair Depending on length of hair, longer hair can vary on price $85 and up 2 hr. BOOK ME
Highlights or Lowlights $185 and up 2 hr. BOOK ME
Retouch Color 1/2 to 1 inch new growth, on color previsously done by me. Doesn't include style. $55 and up 45 min. BOOK ME
Retouch Highlights/Lowlights $95 and up 2 hr. BOOK ME

Timeless cuRl

Curl/Wand Curls Extensions or natural hair $45 and up 30 min. BOOK ME

Timeless cuts

Women's Cut Advanced hair cuts, will be more. *bobs, or heavy layering* *NO SHORT CUTS* $75 and up 1 hr. BOOK ME
Trim/hair $20 15 min. BOOK ME

Timeless Extensions and weaveS

Traditional Sew-in $190 for a basic sewin, only installing 2 to 3 bundles of hair, $15.00 for each bundle after minimum leave ... (more) $195 and up 3 hr. BOOK ME
Braid Less Sew in This requires consultation $350 and up 4 hr. BOOK ME
Full sew-in with closure These are sew-ins with closures *lace closures only, no silk base closures* bleaching of Knots on closures are $30 extra. ... (more) $225 and up 3 hr. BOOK ME
Quick Weaves Medium to long length styles $85 and up 2 hr. BOOK ME
Take down of extensions $50 30 min. BOOK ME
Versatile Sew-in This sew-in allows you to pull your hair up into a high ponytail $205 3 hr. BOOK ME
3 Part Vixen Sew-in $225 4 hr. BOOK ME
Extension Maintenance Tighten/ Wash/ Style $100 2 hr. BOOK ME
Shampoo/style curl/extensions $75 1 hr., 45 min. BOOK ME
Closure *knots bleached* Knots are bleached on your closure, to give a more realistic appearance $25 15 min. BOOK ME
Closure Maintenance Tighten of closure $25 45 min. BOOK ME
Flip Over Sew-in $225 and up 3 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Jazzy Girl Sew-in/Color Sew-in of your choice with custom color. Limited to 3 bundles, or 3 bundles and closure. Pricing will vary with ... (more) $300 and up 3 hr. BOOK ME
Partial Sew-in Extensions from nape to ear $125 and up 2 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME

Timeless press and straighten

Basics one step straightening Temporary Straightening treatment, that's not harsh like keratin treatments or relaxers. This treatment doesn't change curl pattern, treatment last 12weeks ... (more) $150 and up 2 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Shampoo/press/natural hair This is for natural hair, ladies who have coarse hair. Your hair has no relaxer. $85 and up 1 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Shampoo/press/relaxed hair Depending on length of hair $55 and up 1 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Silk Wrap Heated wrap after flat iron...on top of flat iron price. $20 15 min. BOOK ME

Timeless relaxer

Retouch Relaxer Retouch on 1inch to 2inches of new growth. $65 and up 1 hr., 30 min. BOOK ME
Retouch Relaxer *leave out sew-in* $30 and up 30 min. BOOK ME
Virgin Relaxer Depending on length of hair. Virgin $105 and up 1 hr., 45 min. BOOK ME

Timeless wigS

Custom Upart Wig Install Install of Wig Unit once it's made. $175 and up 1 hr., 45 min. BOOK ME
Custom Wig Hair Drop off This is a booking to drop off your extensions to get a custom wig made. Please allow 1 week to ... (more) $0 and up 30 min. BOOK ME
Wig Maintaince Reinstall of Wig. Natural hair is braided and wig is installed and styled. *does not include shampoo. $30 extra for ... (more) $95 1 hr., 45 min. BOOK ME
Custom Full Unit Wig install Full wig with closure $250 and up 2 hr. BOOK ME

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"Tomeka is phenomenal! I am very pleased with her professionalism and her work. She is the perfect Hairstylist! I am overjoyed with my hair and the experience!"


"I gave Tomeka 3 pictures of hair colors I wanted my hair to be. She took all of pictures and combined the colors and my hair came out Fabalous. "


"Tomeka is a consummate professional, she is a BEAST with scissors and is passionate about her craft. She delivers high quality and is definitely a keeper!"


"I have found a stylist for life! My sew-in looks very natural and beautiful!! Thank you Tomeka. Your work is amazing. See you next month!"


"Tomeka was excellent! I had been going to my stylist for almost 10 years. I found Tomeka and I was so nervous. She made me feel completely comfortable. I received a full install with lace closure. Tomeka is very meticulous and detail oriented. She let me know what she was doing during the install to ease my anxiety. I became relaxed because I could literally "feel" she knew what she was doing. She was very professional and personable and I highly recommend her services. I will be going back!!! My install was gorgeous ????"

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